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YourAnswer Implementation

YourAnswer can be implemented on your website and/or integrated into an existing app.

For banks and credit unions, YourAnswer has an SDK which provides the necessary resources to efficiently integrate YourAnswer's Interactive Voice Banking with websites and apps.  The look and feel of the experience may be customized to seamlessly integrate with existing UXs.

For e-commerce websites, YourAnswer Voice Shopping can supplement your existing site search and navigation, or it can replace it.  Voice shopping implementation is easy - you only need to add a link from your website or tag manager, and we seamlessly integrate with your existing product pages and website.  We do the rest!  Your website visitors don’t need to download an app or any software.  They just click the microphone icon on your website, and then the magic happens. 


If your e-commerce customers already have your app, YourAnswer can be easily integrated into your existing app to provide a unified and satisfying intelligent voice shopping experience.

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