Real Intelligence Engine™

Go beyond Artificial Intelligence (AI) and use YourAnswer's Real Intelligence Engine™.

Search engines typically just match keywords.  They don't understand the meaning of words.  AI goes one step further, but falls massively short of true understanding, which leads to poor search results and frustrated users - which costs your website sales.

YourAnswer's breakthrough Real Intelligence Engine™ actually understands the meaning of your spoken words.  You can speak just as if you were talking to a knowledgeable sales associate.

So, when you say "show me all your red dresses size 6 under $50", YourAnswer understands the colour "red", that you want a "dress" in "size 6", and that the price must be "under $50".  The results returned match exactly what you ask for, saving time and helping your customers to get to the checkout faster and more efficiently.  It's also understands questions relating to the general shopping experience, such as “what are your shipping costs” and “what is your return policy”. YourAnswer is an engaging and fun experience, which makes online shopping a delight on your website.

Let us show you the power of YourAnswer's Real Intelligence Engine™.