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Voice Shopping Benefits

The impact of YourAnswer is best demonstrated through the effect that it has on visitors to your website.  We have conducted controlled A/B tests on our customers’ websites to measure a range of key parameters, comparing visitors that used the YourAnswer experience, against visitors that were not shown YourAnswer.

The results show that YourAnswer users are more engaged,  spending more time on-site, with significantly increased conversion rates.


It is important to understand that YourAnswer is far more than a voice interface.  The Real Intelligence Engine™ provides precise results and information that is not available in other systems.  Voice continues to grow, and our studies show that on average, 62% of YourAnswer visitors use voice, and 38% use their keyboard, with the voice component continuing to grow as time goes forward.

We have also found that YourAnswer conversion rates increase over time, through both optimization of the configuration of the YourAnswer experience, and greater acceptance and familiarity by users.

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