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Strategic Advisor Erik Stephansen

Erik is a visionary and trailblazer in several emerging technology industries and he has a successful track record of bringing unique and groundbreaking technologies to market. He is a sought-after finance and strategic advisor known for his innovative approaches to finance, remote management and aviation. Recent aviation articles highlight Erik as a prominent figure at the intersection of eVTOL aviation, remote communication, and AI technology firsts.

Erik is a long time / early (now almost 20-year) investor in the YourAnswer group of companies, and he recently joined the YourAnswer team as a Strategic Advisor.


Erik has over 30 years' experience in leadership, management and strategic execution in investment, finance and emerging technology industries. He is known in Silicon Valley as a technology pioneer with a reputation for bringing integrated visual and communication technologies to market. Erik’s company, CYTTA Corp won three 2023 ASTOR awards for security surveillance innovation. In addition, his cutting-edge eVTOL vehicle was named TIME’s 2023 best “Transportation Category” invention.


Erik is best described as “an over-achiever”, and he currently holds the following positions in these three unique, emerging technology companies:

  • Executive Director, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Aeronautics at RYSE Aero Technologies.  

  • President & CEO of LAM Aviation, Inc. 

  • President Emeritus at Cytta Corp CYCA 


Erik previously held positions in private Investment / M&A and other unique emerging technology companies, including:

  • Castle Crow & Company, LLC

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Officer Tokai Bank, Ltd

  • CIBER, Inc.

  • ReadyRouter, Inc.


Erik graduated from University of Santa Barbara and has advanced certificates from Stanford University. 


We are truly excited to have Erik on our advisory team because of the extensive business, finance and investment experience he brings to our company.

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